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Story 04/12/14

Robert Mears Wins Street Stock Main Event

Story by: Nancy Schmidt


Racing at South Sound Speedway on Saturday April 12, 2014, was full of excitement with five classes on hand, Top Notch Trailer Street Stock, D&S Light Truck and Auto Mini Stocks, Hinkle Homes Hobby Stocks, Cut Rate Baby Grands, and Stinger8s.


Stinger 8 Points 04/12/14



Stinger 8

Point Standings

April 12, 2014




Results 04/12/14

Race Results April 12, 2014



Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks


Fast Time: Mike Easley 14.756 (New Track Record)

Heat A: Mike Carlson, Richard Kerr, Robert Mears, Cody Erskine, Shawn Jones, and Mike Easley.

Heat B: Bryan Bykerk, Anthony Barbera, Mike Kanavan, Carolyn Thomas, and Derek Kynaston.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014
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09/21/13 Race Results

Race Results September 21, 2013



Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks


Fast Time: Mike Carlson 14.911

Heat A: Richard Kerr, Bryan Bykerk, Mike Carlson, Ryan Kerr, Carolyn Thomas, Shawn Jones, Chris Cook, Bobby Williams, and Anthony Barbera.

Main: Bryan Bykerk, Richard Kerr, Mike Carlson, Anthony Barbera, Shawn Jones, Carolyn Thomas, Bobby Williams, Chris Cook, and Ryan Kerr.  

09/14/2013 Race Results

Race Results September 14, 2013


D&S Light Truck and Auto Mini Stocks


Fast Time: Dylan DeYoung 16.073

Heat A: Jack Allen, Devin Matthews, Duane Lacy, Dylan DeYoung, Tina McMillan, Jon Baglien, Josh McMillan.

Heat B: Kyle Matthews, Scott Maynard, Kevin Conway, Kevin Pegg, Derek Vetter, and Bill Hayes.

09/14/2013 Race Results

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
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