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South Sound Speedway General Rules 2014

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The Driver of each car represents to the Promoter and all others, that his car has satisfied all applicable rules, including but not limited to safety rules, whenever such Driver participates in any warm-up, practice, or competitive laps.

The Driver of each car is also completely responsible for all actions of Crew Members, Sponsors, or all else signed under their number.

If you have any complaints, disputes, problems, or questions, only the Driver and Crew Chief, Driver and Car Owner, or Driver and one representative from your team may approach an Official, in a civil manner, to resolve the situation. Any other Crew Members doing so will be subject to fines, probations, suspensions, and the Driver disqualified. Competitors are reminded they are racing before the paying public the same as the other classes.

All participants are expected to take pride in being part of South Sound Speedway's Weekly program. Auto racing entertainment is what we have to offer and we will not tolerate the lack of professional attitude, conduct or appearance of car, Driver, Crew or others involved.

All parts or components deemed by the Technical Officials to be non-stock will be prohibited. Use of prohibited parts may result in fines, probation, suspension, loss of that night’s earned points replaced with last place points and/or disqualification to the Driver, Crew Member, and/or Owner.

Any prohibited or illegal part found will become the property of South Sound Speedway. The South Sound Speedway officials will determine what is to become of the prohibited or illegal part once the entire race season has been completed.

All construction rules will be decided by South Sound Speedway Technical Officials. Their decision will be final on all construction rules. Burden of proof on any concern will be the responsibility of the Driver and Car Owner.

These rules are a guideline. Contact the South Sound Speedway Technical Officials for final approval of your racecar.

All South Sound Speedway divisions are designed to promote greater interest in stockcar competition, and to enable those with moderate means to participate in the South Sound Speedway season.



1. South Sound Drivers must have a membership and be a minimum of 16 years of age. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. All Drivers and Crew Members between 14 - 17 years of age must present a notarized release to South Sound Speedway before they will be allowed in the pit area.

3. Releases signed by individuals under 21 years of age are not valid in the State ofWashington.

4. All Drivers, Car Owners, Crew Members, and/or others must be registered members of South Sound Speedway in good standing.

5. All entrants must have a valid South Sound Speedway pit pass. ENTRANTS MUST WEAR THEIR PIT BAND AT ALL TIMES.  You may NOT visit the beer stand while wearing a pit band. If you are done in the pits and want to drink you must relinquish your pit band and leave the pits before doing so.

6. A Driver may not attempt to qualify more than one car in a single event. A car may only make one (1) qualifying attempt at a single event. A Driver must drive the car that he has qualified. NO DRIVER CHANGE AND NO CAR CHANGE AFTER QUALIFYING. Racing starts at qualifying. If a driver is not able to make qualifying they may get permission to have their back up driver qualify for points only and then the primary driver can take over and start in the rear of their races

6B.  On double main event nights only, a driver could switch cars, numbers, or drivers after the first main is completed if needed. They may only do this with approval from the race director and will start at the rear of the 2nd main. Example: If a driver blows an engine they could drive a car already qualified by a different driver to earn points.

7. You will be allowed to have a maximum of two (2) Drivers per car and still have the car earn the points. Both Drivers must be registered. These Drivers are not eligible for Rookie of the Year as a team, but are eligible as individuals. You must sign in as Driver at the pit gate, and only you can drive the car that night unless otherwise approved. If you fail to register as the Driver for the night, your car will not receive points or money.



1. All manner in which protests and appeals must be made, shall be governed by the Class rulebook.

2. Any complaints, disputes, questions, or problems must be directed, by the Driver or the registered Car Owner to the Race Director.

3. Protests, as to an official decision, must be submitted in writing, by the Driver or registered Car Owner to the Race Director within 20 minutes of the official decision being levied. Only a Driver or registered Car Owner in the same class may submit a protest.

4. If a South Sound member who is a competitor believes that another competitor has or will obtain a significant unfair advantage by some action that the member believes is in violation of the rules, the member may protest such action to a South Sound Speedway Official. The protest must be made in writing by the competitor (or his or her Car Owner) within Ten minutes after the checkered flag is displayed signifying the completion of the race. For a protest involving the chassis or chassis parts, the protest must be accompanied by a $75.00 protest fee. For a protest involving the engine, the protest must be accompanied by a $150.00 protest fee. The Race Director shall decide whether the matter is protest able, and if so shall decide the protest as promptly as possible, and shall inform the parties to the protest of the decision A decision that the matter is not protest able is final and non-appeal able. In deciding the protest, South Sound Speedway Officials may take whatever action deemed appropriate to further the interests of fairness and finality in competition results. Such action includes, but is not limited to, revising the official race results, imposing penalties (disqualification's, suspension, fines, and/or loss of finishing position(s) in the event), awarding or subtracting of points, or taking no action. Their decision is final. If the protest is allowed, the money will be reimbursed to the person protesting. If the protest is disallowed, the money will go to the person being protested, less $25.00 for chassis or $50.00 for the engine, for administrative fees.



1. It is the responsibility of each race team to have in their possession, a current set of rules for the division they are participating in. If a race team member disputes the rules, and that team does not have a current set of rules in their possession or in their pits, then a $25.00 fine will be assessed for each race they do not have them.

2. The Race Director will be the sole authority in the pits concerning the running of the races. The Race Director and the Starter/Flagger will be in charge of on-track competition. The Race Director will handle all protests.

3. Officials will establish the race event procedures; starting positions, length, frequency and administration of all events and programs. When the tech director's decision is rendered it will be final and binding. The race may be shortened due to time allotted or weather and once the race has passed the half waypoint, it will be an official race.

4. Any complaints, disputes, questions, or problems must be directed, by the Driver or registered Car Owner, to the Race Director immediately following the nights events. If any member of the team approaches the tower or stands at the bottom yelling up at the window they will receive a minimum $300 fine and face possible suspension.

5. When asked to remove a part or tear down for tech inspection and you refuse, you are subject to a fine, probation, disqualification, and/or suspension.

6. Protests, complaints, disputes, or problems ARE NOT TO BE MADE TO THE TIMERS, RECORDERS, SCORERS, OR ANNOUNCERS.

7. Any Driver stopping on the racing surface to argue with an Official, in regards to an Officials decision, will be automatically disqualified from the event and will be subject to fines, probations, and suspensions.

8. Any Driver or Crew Member who is injured or involved in an accident must submit to a check by the medical attendants. Any Driver involved in a serious accident will not enter or re-enter a race until approval to do so is given by Officials and medical attendants. Medical transportation from the racetrack to the hospital is the competitors’ responsibility.

9. Drivers’ meeting is mandatory. Driver must attend. If the Driver cannot attend the Drivers’ meeting, he/she can have a substitute attend for him/her as long as he/she approves it with the Official in charge of the meeting – prior to the start of the meeting.

10. Spotters must be in the spotter’s tower 5 minutes prior to the start of all races including dashes

11. Permission must be obtained from the Race Director or Technical Director before any practice and or safety laps, other than the designated practice time may be taken. All cars MUST go through Tech prior to entering the racing surface each race day. All cars will run under the approval of the Technical Inspectors.

12. Any unauthorized persons entering onto the racing surface during race conditions will result in a disqualification, penalty, fine, or suspension, to the person and affiliated Driver.

13. Any competitor or Crew Member, who has a pit band, partakes of any alcoholic beverage, stimulating, depressing, or tranquilizing drugs or is otherwise under the influence will result in disqualification and a minimum fine of $500.00 along with a suspension.

14. Any competitor or Crew Member who participated in a fight in the pits, or on the race track, or on the premises, will result in a minimum of $500.00 fine, probation, suspension, and/or loss of points and positions in the event. STAY IN YOUR OWN PITS! ANY DRIVER OR CREWMEMBER THAT GOES INTO SOMEONE ELSE’S PITS, YELLING OR WITH ANY KIND OF AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! YOUR CAR WILL BE LOADED AND YOU WILL NEED TO LEAVE THE RACE TRACK PREMISES.

15. Any competing car, whose speed has been reduced to the point where it could cause a safety problem, may be removed from the racing surface at the option of the Officials.

16. QUALIFYING: All Drivers will draw numbers when they go through tech prior to entering the racing surface to determine the qualifying order. All cars will qualify to determine points and heat race starting positions, mains will either start points inverted and the previous week’s winner at the rear, or with an invert and the points leader and previous week’s winner behind the invert. The championship race will be started on the current point standings entering the night fully inverted with the exception of cars with less than 15% of the leaders points starting at the rear. All cars will qualify on championship night to determine starting positions for the trophy dash, heat races, and points. Points will be awarded for qualifying, heat races, and main events. In the event that qualifications are not completed due to weather or other adverse conditions, cars will line up for all races from the previous weeks point standings. Championship night will be double points.

17. If there is a tie in qualifying times, the first car out to qualify with the tied time will receive the higher qualifying position. The second, third, etc cars out that tie will follow the higher qualifier in the order they went out. After qualifying, the top 18 cars will be locked in. The top two (2) cars from the B-Main will transfer to the A-Main. The Promoter has the option to add an additional car as a Promoters choice.

18. Time trails, may consist of two (2) consecutive timed laps. If you pit after one (1) timed lap, you will not be permitted to re-time. If you do not time in with your class, you will receive one (1) qualifying lap. If you are given two (2) laps by the Flagman, in all fairness, your second lap will be disallowed. If you are unable to qualify, you will be required to start at the back of the slow heat and main event. If your transponder is not installed you will receive 1 lap, if it is installed and not working you will receive 2 laps but be the last car out for your class.

19. The winner or top 3 from the previous race will be inverted at the back of the main event.

20. TROPHY DASH: If you qualify for the Trophy Dash – you MUST participate. If you choose not to participate in the Trophy Dash, you will loose all qualifying points for that night and start in the back of your main event. EXCEPTION: If you have a problem, you must approve it with BOTH the Race Director and the Technical Director in order to be excused. 1st dash must be ready at the time of the National Anthem.

21. ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: If you are competing for Rookie of The Year, and you run more than five (5) races in your division and/or an upper division, in any year, you are not eligible to compete for Rookie of The Year in the future. Example: You ran in the Street Stock series in 2012 and now you are going to compete in the Hobby Stocks in 2013.

22. Any car continuously unable to start under its own power may be liable for a penalty or disqualification from the event or from the complete program.

23. Any Driver or Crew that does not take their car to the line-up grid, when requested to by the Officials, may be required to start at the back of the line-up or forfeit that event. It is not our job to get you lined up. There are schedules and line up’s posted at the infield concession. DON’T BE LATE!

24. If a car is dead on the track, when racing is in progress, the Driver must stay in the car with seat belts fastened until the race is stopped, except in case of a fire or rollover. Failure to comply may result in a penalty, disqualification, and/or suspension.

25. No racecars will be allowed on the track until the track has been opened for official practice or racing. When you do enter the track stay against the wall until after the flag stand.

26. No person shall be permitted to ride on the outside of a racecar, tow vehicle or trailer at any time.

27. No speeding in the pits. You must use caution while driving in the pit area or you will be subject to a fine or suspension. No donuts, burnouts, etc. allowed. We need to keep the pits safe for Drivers and all others.

28. ORIGINAL START: You must take the Green Flag at the start of the main event in order to compete in that main event. You may not come out once the race has started, you will be black flagged and parked if you do so.

29. On the original start of any race, Drivers must stay double file at pace car speed until after the apex of 3 and 4 where the leader picks up the pace, and may not pass until you cross the start/finish line at the flag stand. If you pass prior to this spot, you will receive a black flag. The front row will have 2 attempts at a good start if they fail to do so they will be moved to the back row and the 2nd row will move up. If a start is waved off because of a spin that may not count against the front row. If there is a yellow flag before the 1st lap is completed there will be a complete double file restart same as the first attempt.

30. On any start of a race, if a car drops out, the line will move up. Example: If a car on the inside row, say the third place car, falls out of line and cannot start the race, then that row only will move ahead. Same as if the sixth place car falls out, then only the outside row will move ahead.

31. RE-START: On a non cone re-start, you must stay in line, single file, until the green flag is displayed. At that time, you can only pass to the RIGHT until you cross the start/finish line. If you fall out of line or pass to the left, you will receive the black flag.

31A. COMMITMENT CONE RE-STARTS: All main event restarts will involve the use of the commitment cone. When the running order on the track is satisfactory the yellow light will flash going into turn 3, indicating the cone is on the track. You must stay single file and commit to either above or bellow the cone as you get to it. If you hit the cone you may be black flagged. Once you pass the cone you are committed to that lane and may not change. You will receive 2 to green as you pass under the flag stand. Cars involved in the caution, Lucky Dog winner, and lap down cars may not use the outside lane with cone restarts. On cone restarts the leader should pick the throttle up in turn 3 and 4, and not break forward momentum.

32. GREEN FLAG: On any start or re-start, you will always receive the green. If the Race Director does not like the start, he will then throw the yellow, and re-start the race. 34. YELLOW FLAG: When a yellow flag or yellow lights comes on, you will slow and maintain your position, you may not pass, failure to do so will result in being put to the back of the field. Under each caution, yellow laps will NOT count. No racing back to the yellow. If you are unsure what position you are in, pull up beside the Driver in question and wait for the Officials to direct you to your proper restart position. If you are involved in or cause a caution, you go to the rear of the field. If you stop to avoid the wreck (caution) and were not involved in or caused the caution, you will get your position back. Race Director’s discretion applies. If you stop on the track to draw a yellow you will receive a black flag. If you are involved in a wreck stay in your car and drop the window net to signify you are ok. Exception fire.

35. RED FLAG: Cars must come to a complete, safe stop. Drivers are not allowed to move their car off the track on a red flag. Drivers may exit the track, only by permission of an Official or when the track goes to a yellow condition. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a two (2)-lap penalty, fine, probation, disqualification, and/or suspension. Repairs or service of any nature or refueling will be permitted when the race is halted due to a red flag only to cars already in the pits or cars allowed to exit the track by an official.

36. BLACK FLAG: You must make a stop and go penalty. If under caution when you receive the black flag, you will be held at re-entry until the green flag comes out or a satisfactory penalty has been served. Two (2)black flags in one (1) event will result in a disqualification from that event.

37. MIRROR DRIVING RULE: Mirror driving or blocking will not be tolerated. First time – Black flag warning, Second time – Black flag, Third time – parked for the night.

38. Drivers are to notify the Technical Officials, Pit Stewards, or the Race Director, immediately of any changes in the starting grid. Example: car broke; want to start in the back.

39. POINTS: If there is a tie in the point’s standings, all ties will be broken using the greatest number of firsts. If a tie still exists, the number of seconds, thirds, etc will be used in the same manner, until the tie is broken.

40. The top four (4) cars and drivers from each main event must come straight to the Technical area after their main event or immediately after their trophy presentation. Failure to do so is an automatic disqualification for that race.

The fourth place car must pull up to the technical area; exit the car, put up the window net and leave the car alone. You may take stagger and air pressures only. Any removal of hood or deck lid, etc, without the Technical Director’s approval, will be an automatic disqualification.



1) A competitor may protest a crate engine 1 time every 6 races. A competitor can only have their engine protested 1 time every 6 races. The track may pull an engine any time. The protest fee for a crate engine will be as follows. $400 for the dyno, $100 for the delivery to and from the dyno “that $500 is non refundable” and $500 for the protest. $1000 total cash only. If the engine is deemed legal the owner keeps the $500. If its deemed Illegal the protester gets the money back. The only people allowed at the dyno are the technical director, the race director, the dyno operator, and the driver in protest or the car owner in protest. NOT BOTH.

2) The protester in any protest does not buy the right to see the part in question, only the right to have it further examined by the technical director. All judgments will be final.