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results 07/12/14

Race Results July 12, 2014



Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks


Fast Time: Cody Erskine 14.861

Heat A: Bryan Bykerk, Robert Mears, Mike Carlson, Anthony Barbera, Parker Stephens, and Cody Erskine.

Heat B: Carolyn Thomas, Paul Fields, Shawn Jones, Derek Kynaston, and Richard Kerr.

Main: Mike Carlson, Richard Kerr, Bryan Bykerk, Robert Mears, Paul Fields, Parker Stephens, Carolyn Thomas, Anthony Barbera, Derek Kynaston, Shawn Jones, and Cody Erskine.


Lexar Homes Legends


Fast Time: Randy Beddow 15.896

Heat A: Randy Beddow, Tristan Haider, Brent Mack, Rick McNeill, Kyle Kinzebach, and Brooke Schimmel.

Heat B: Brian Boyd, Matt Rosler, Renny Marose, Keith VanDyne, Larry Cantrall, and Bill Power.

Main: Rick McNeill, Randy Beddow, Tristan Haider, Kyle Kinzebach, Brooke Schimmel, Brent Mack, Keith VanDyne, Matt Roster, Brian Boyd, Renny Marose, Larry Cantrall, and Bill Power.



Stinger 8s


Heat 1: Will Ridenhour, Zach Dalrymple, Chris Branon, and Shawn Breitzman.

Main: Will Ridenhour, Chris Branon, Zach Dalrymple, Shawn Breitzman, and Dennis Lalander.


Outlaw Compacts


Fast Time: Eric Angeledes 16.165

Heat A: Josh McMillan, Eric Angeledes, Mark Creager, Drew Harthorn,  Aaron Flett, and Tom Rogers.

Main: Josh McMillan, Mark Creager, Aaron Flett, Tom Rogers, Eric Angeledes, and Drew Harthorn.


Pro 4 Trucks


Fast Time: Jason Majors 15.751 (New Track Record)

Heat A: Jason Majors, Jerry Buell, Lanthan Kelley, Aaron Greene, and Mat Greene.

Heat B: Mike Clark, Rick Shaver, Cecil Howard, Haylie Wilkinson, and Nic Nicholson.

Main: Jason Majors, Jerry Buell, Aaron Greene, Mat Greene, Cecil Howard, Haylie Wilkinson, Rick Shaver, Mike Clark, Lanthan Kelley, and Nic Nicholson.




Fast Time: Tony Seidelman 13.710

Heat A: Tony Seidelman, Kris McKenzie, Ariel Biggs, Steve Hughes, and Darren Linder.

Main: Tony Seidelman, Ariel Biggs, Kris McKenzie, and Steve Hughes.