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Race Results 08/23/14

Race Results August 23, 2014



Hinkle Homes Hobby Stocks


Fast Time: David Knittle 15.888

Heat A: Dan Walker (DQ), Joe Swanson, Brian Wilson, Dave Knittle, Kelly Foster, Chris Branon, Tony Glenn, and Gary McKay.

Main: Dan Walker (DQ), Dave Knittle, Charles Meadors, Kelly Foster, Chris Branon, Tony Glenn, Gary McKay, Joe Swanson, and Brian Wilson.


Cut Rate Baby Grands


Fast Time: Bryan Crawford 15.213

Heat A: Jim Guinn, Bryan Crawford, Brad Crawford, Brad McCutcheon, Corey Boyle, Curt Boyle, and Kenny Wilson.

Main: Brad Crawford, Bryan Crawford, Jim Guinn, Corey Boyle, Curt Boyle, Brad McCutcheon, and Kenny Wilson.

Stinger 8’s


Heat 1: Chris Branon, Zach Dalrymple, Mike Karvela, Shawn Breitzman, Dennis Lalander, and Andy Jacaway.

Main: Zach Dalrymple, Chris Branon, Shawn Breitzman, Mike Karvela, and Dennis Lalander.


WESCO Sprints


Fast Time: Todd Coleman 12.318

Heat A: Greg Middendorf, Todd Coleman, John Tharp, Doug McLees, and Danny Matthews.

Heat B: Garrett McLees, Mitch Holte, Mike Basher, and Tim Halliday.

Main: Todd Coleman, Greg Middendorf, Danny Matthews, Doug McLees, Mike Basher, Mitch Holte, and John Tharp.


WMRA Midgets


Fast Time: Tony Seidelman 13.561

Heat A: Tony Seidelman, Bobby Bird, Kris McKenzie, and Steve Hughes.

Main: Tony Seidelman, Kris McKenzie, Steve Hughes, Annika Johanson, and Bobby Bird.