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Key People at South Sound


Owner/Promoter: Butch Behn is one of the funniest guys you will meet in the racing community.  He is very hands on and takes great pride in his facility and racers.

Owner/Concessions: Maureen runs the first class food concessions that keeps the crews and fans going on race day. Maureen also keeps the show on schedule by managing the front gate and all staff in the grandstands.

Race Director: Nick Behn is in charge of the mechanics of race day operations.

Scoring: Nancy is in charge of scoring the races, line ups and season point standings. Her organization and communication skills have made her an invaluable asset to race director Nick Behn and his staff. Nancy is one of the best in the Northwest at her position 

Chief Pit Steward: Jim helps to organize the safety crew and keeps all pit operations running smoothly.

Pit Stewards: Dave, Roger, Mike, and Billy make the pits an enjoyable experience, perform track clean up, line ups, and push/tow stalled cars.

Safety Crew: Chris and Kevin 

Announcer: Kelly Hale is the voice of South Sound Speedway.  Kelly works throughout the week to gather the latest information to keep the fans up to date on the latest developments at the track. Kelly also does press release and web site activities. 

Back Gate: Shelly signs all the racers in every week and much more. Shelly also keeps track of all the racers information including numbers and sponsors. Scoring and the announcer benefit from Shelly’s assistance in keeping information up to date in such a timely manner.  Stormy and Nancy also assists in the backgate.

Photographer: Stormy takes all the pictures and designs the race day posters and program inserts. She is also available to do custom driver cards on request. Stormy and Felicia also take care of the very popular kids club.