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6/4/11 Full Results

Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks

Fast Time: Richard Kerr 15.259
Dash: Kevin Carver, Richard Kerr, Steve Woods, and Arnold Norton.
Heat A: Bob Foster, Kevin Carver, Steve Woods, Josh Pinkowsky, Dan Walker, Richard Kerr, Arnold Norton, Ken Morgan, and Cory Chavez.
Main: Steve Woods, Richard Kerr, Kevin Carver, Josh Pinkowsky, Dan Walker, Ken Morgan, Cory Chavez, Arnold Norton, and Bob Foster. 

Hinkle Homes Hobby Stocks

Fast Time: Dan Walker 16.819
Dash: Dan Walker, Joe Swanson, Larry Cox III, and Dave Knittle.
Heat A: Don Briggs Jr., Kelly Vorse, Dan Walker, Dave Knittle, Larry Cox III, and Joe Swanson.
Heat B: Justin Floreck, Ryan Kerr, Bryson Baird, Chris Branon, and Ron Schlund Sr.
Main: Dan Walker, Dave Knittle, Don Briggs Jr., Kelly Vorse, Joe Swanson, Ryan Kerr, Bryson Baird, Larry Cox III, Justin Floreck, Ron Schlund Sr., and Chris Branon. 

                                NW Outlaw Figure 8

Fast Time: Ricky Deitz 19.30 (Track Record)
Dash: Ricky Deitz, Seth Funden, Bill Wade, and Don Eslick.
Heat A: Ricky Deitz, Brian Gunderson, Bill Wade, Seth Funden, Bruce Wilson, and Don Eslick.
Heat B: John Carlson, Mike Middleton, Jake Repkin, Dale Larsen.
Main: Bill Wade, Brian Gunderson, Seth Funden, Jake Repkin, John Carlson, Ricky Deitz, Bruce Wilson, Dave Larsen, Rich Groshong, Mike Middleton, and Don Eslick. 

Vintage Modified

Fast Time: Kevin Rinkel 15.214
Dash: Mike Clother, Paul Fields, Kevin Rinkel, and Bobby Wheeler.
Heat A: Mike Clother, Kevin Rinkel, Jeff Peterson, Bobby Wheeler, and Paul Fields.
Main: Mike Clother, Kevin Rinkel, Bobby Wheeler, Jeff Peterson, and Paul Fields.