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5/21/11 Full Results

Race Results May 21, 2011

Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks

Fast Time: Richard Kerr 15.064 (Track Record)

Heat A: Steve Woods, Kevin Carver, Richard Kerr, Mike Carlson, Dan Walker, Josh Pinkowsky, and Bob Foster.

Main 1: Steve Woods, Richard Kerr, Kevin Carver, Dan Walker, Bob Foster, Josh Pinkowsky, Mike Carlson, and Shawn Jones.


D&S Light Truck & Auto Mini Stocks

Fast Time: Dennis Shaffer 16.554

Heat A: Dennis Shaffer, Jon Baglien, Scott Maynard, Tina McMillan, Bill Hayes, and Kyle Matthews.

Heat B: Kirk Benjamin, Craig Pfander, Jim Belter, Shayne Huson, Zach Dalrymple, and Jackielee Franks.

Main: Dennis Shaffer, Shayne Huson, Scott Maynard, Tina McMillan, Jon Baglien, Kyle Matthews, Bill Hayes, Zach Dalrymple, Kirk Benjamin, Craig Pfander, Jim Belter, and Jackielee Franks.


Hinkle Homes Hobby Stocks

Fast Time: Dan Walker 17.334

Heat A: Don Briggs Jr., Dave Knittle, Steve Lee, Dan Walker, Larry Cox III, Richard Turner, and Bryson Baird.

Heat B: Chris Brannon, Dave Dix, Ryan Kerr, Justin Floreck, Ron Schlund Sr., Roger Swanson and Larry Cox Jr.

Main: Dave Knittle, Dan Walker, Don Briggs Jr., Ryan Kerr, Steve Lee, Larry Cox III, Richard Turner, Bryson Baird, Chris Brannon, Kelly Vorse, Dave Dix, Roger Swanson, Ron Schlund Sr., Justin Floreck, and Kevin Haider.


Vintage Modified

Fast Time: Kevin Rinkel 14.938

Heat A: Mike Clother, Paul Fields, Bobby Wheeler, Kevin Rinkel, Dave Trapp, Robert Rux, Big Mike, Todd McCartney.

Main: Kevin Rinkel, Jeff Peterson, Mike Clother, Paul Fields, Dave Trapp, Robert Rux, Bobby Wheeler, Todd McCartney, Big Mike.



Fast Time: Cody Stewart 12.631

Heat A: Cody Stewart, Mike Basher, Doug McLees, Mitch Holte, John Dudley.

Main: Cody Stewart, Mike Basher, Mitch Holte, and Doug McLees.