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08/24/2013 Race Results

Race Results August 24, 2013



Olympic Trailer & Truck Accessories Super Late Models


Fast Time: Kelly Mann 13.535

Dash: John Lathrop Jr., Tommy Elstoen, and Kurt Meyer.

Main: Kelly Mann, Rod Schultz Jr., JJ Hamilton, Christopher Kalsch, Mitch Franklin, Kurt Meyer, Tommy Elstoen, John Lathrop Jr., Larry Gaylord, Bob Presley, and Scott Rinkel.



Hinkle Homes Hobby Stocks


Fast Time: Todd Pederson 15.908

Dash: Andy Jacaway, Kyle Matthews, Joe Swanson, and Gary McKay.

Heat A: Todd Pederson, Dave Knittle, Kyle Matthews, Joe Swanson, Andy Jacaway, Matt Logue, Kelly Foster, Gary McKay, and Terry Bailey.

Main: Dave Knittle, Todd Pederson, Kyle Matthews, Kelly Foster, Joe Swanson, Andy Jacaway, Matt Logue, Charles Meadors, Gary McKay, and Terry Bailey.



Cut Rate Baby Grands


Fast Time: Jim Guinn 15.129

Dash: Bryan Crawford, Corey Boyle, Brad Crawford, and Mike Crawford.

Heat A: Brad Crawford, Mike Crawford, Jim Guinn, Bryan Crawford, Corey Boyle, and Brad McCutcheon.

Main: Jim Guinn, Brad Crawford, Mike Crawford, Bryan Crawford, Brad McCutcheon, and Corey Boyle.


Vintage Modified


Fast Time: Bobby Wheeler 14.931

Dash: Robert Rux, Charlie West Jr., John Mustered, and Devin Eierman.

Heat A: Robert Rux, Charlies West Jr., Paul Fields, John Mustered, and Bobby Wheeler.

Heat B: Kyten Jones, Mike Clother, Chuck Peterson, Devin Eierman, and Don Huntley.

Main: Bobby Wheeler, Robert Rux, Paul Fields, Mike Clother, John Mustered, Charlie West Jr., Chuck Peterson, Kyten Jones, Devin Eierman, and Don Huntley.