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07/20/13 Race Results

Race Results July 20, 2013



D&S Light Truck & Auto Mini Stocks


Fast Time: Duane Lacy 16.091

Dash: Mark Johnson, Grant Charneski, Devin Matthews, Kevin Conway and Shyne Huson.

Heat A: Kevin Pegg, Tina McMillan, Duane Lacy, Dylan DeYoung, Josh McMillan, Jack Allen, and Kyle Matthews.

Heat B: Devin Matthews, Jon Baglien, Kevin Conway, Shayne Huson, Grant Charneski, and Mark Johnson.

Main: Duane Lacy, Shayne Huson, Jack Allen, Jon Baglien, Tina McMIllan, Kevin Pegg, Josh McMillan, Dylan DeYoung, Kevin Conway, Grant Charneski, Mark Johnson, Kyle Matthews, and Devin Matthews.


Hinkle Homes Hobby Stocks


Fast Time: Todd Pederson 15.905

Dash: Andy Jacaway, Jason Lohmann, Gary McKay, Matt Logue.

Heat A: Dave Knittle, Todd Pederson, Kyle Matthews, Charles Meadors, Kelly Foster, and Chris Branon.

Heat B: Andy Jacaway, Bryson Baird, Jason Lohmann, Matt Logue, and Gary McKay.

Main: Todd Pederson, Dave Knittle, Charles Meadors, Kelly Foster, Chris Branon, Matt Logue, Gary McKay, Kyle Matthews, Jason Lohmann, Andy Jacaway, and Bryson Baird.


Olympia Overhead Doors Bumblebees


Dash: Nicholas Hoppens, Dennis Lalander, Jonathan Curfman, and Jeff Warner.

Heat 1: TJ Shann, Zach Dalrymple, Jonathan Curfman, Aaron Charneski, Richard Woolverton, and Chad Pasche (DNF)

Heat 2: Chris Branon, Jason Lohmann, Nicholas Hoppens, Jeff Warner, Shawn Breitzman, and Jeff Elliott (DNF).

Heat 3: Ryan Snow, Dennis Lalander, Charles LaMere, Joe Thornton, Devin Rothmeyer, and Jason Curfman.

Main: Charles LaMere, Jeff Elliott, Chris Branon, Zach Dalrymple, Ryan Snow, TJ Shann, Shawn Breitzman, Aaron Charneski, Jeff Warner, Jason Lohmann, Nicholas Hoppens, Jason Curfman, Chad Pasche, Devin Rothmeyer (DNF), Jonathan Curfman (DNF), Dennis Lalander (DNF), Joe Thornton (DNF), and Richard Woolverton (DNF).


NABRR Big Rigs


Fast Time: Glen Creed 19.01

Dash 1: Darren Berdahl, Cory McMeckan, Isaac Harder, Glen Creed, and Ron Singer.

Dash 2: Todd Wilson, Terrill Schmidt, Dave Mullet, and Mike Hirst.

Heat A: Darren Berdahl, Isaac Harder, Glen Creed, Cory McMeckan, Terrill Schmidt, Dave Mullet, Ron Singer, Todd Wilson, and Mike Hirst.

Main: Darren Berdahl, Glen Creed, Ron Singer, Isaac Harder, Todd Wilson, Mike Hrist, Dave Mullet, Terrill Schmidt, and Cory McMeckan.