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06/22/13 Race Results

Race Results June 22, 2013



Olympic Trailer & Truck Accessories Super Late Models


Fast Time: Mitch Franklin 13.717

Main 1: Dan Obrist, Rod Schultz Jr., Kurt Meyer, Hoss Thom, Chad Hinkle, Christopher Kalsch, tommy Elstoen, Dustin Wilkinson, Scott Rinkel, Rod Schultz Sr., Mitch Franklin, Mike Obrist, and JJ Hamilton.

Main 2: Rod Schultz Jr., JJ Hamilton, Christopher Kalsch, Dustin Wilkinson, Dan Obrist, Chad Hinkle, Tommy Elstoen, Kury Meyer, Scott Rinkel, and Hoss Thom


D&S Light Truck & Auto Mini Stocks


Fast Time: Duane Lacy 16.140

Dash A: Josh McMillan, Kyle Matthews, Duane Lacy, and Jon Baglien.

Dash B: Devin Matthews, Shayne Huson, Jeff Bracale, Kevin Conway.

Heat A: Jon Baglien, Josh McMillan, Kyle Matthews, Tina McMillan, Duane Lacy, and Scott Maynard.

Heat B: Jeff Bracale, Kevin Conway, Shayne Huson, Devin Matthews, Kevin Pegg, Tabatha Bracale, and Derek Vetter.

Main: Duane Lacy, Jon Baglien, Scott Maynard, Josh McMillan, Tina McMillan, Kyle Matthews, Kevin Conway, Dylan DeYoung, Kevin Pegg, Shayne Huson, Tabatha Bracale, Derek Vetter, Devin Matthews, and Jeff Bracale.


Hinkle Homes Hobby Stocks


Fast Time: Dave Knittle 16.652

Dash A: Dan Walker, Dave Knittle, Charles Meadors, and Kelly Foster.

Heat A: Dan Walker, Bryson Baird, Charles Meadors, Kyle Matthews, Kelly Foster, Jason Lohmann, Dave Knittle, Chris Branon, and Gary McKay.

Main: Dan Walker, Dave Knittle, Kelly Foster, Kyle Matthews, Chris Branon, Jason Lohmann, Bryson Baird, Charles Meadors, and Gary McKay.




Fast Time: Evan Margeson 13.080

Dash A: Dallas Melby, Evan Margeson, Kris McKenzie, and tony Seidelman.

Heat A: Dallas Melby, Kris McKenzie, Evan Margeson, tony Seidelman, and Whitney Nolan.

Main: Evan Margeson, Tony Seidelman, Whitney Nolan, Kris McKenzie, and Dallas Melby.