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05/11/13 Results

Race Results May 11, 2013



D&S Light Truck & Auto Mini Stocks


Fast Time: Dylan DeYoung 16.108 (Track Record)

Heat A: Jack Allen, Scott Maynard, Kevin Conway, Grant Charneski, Jon Baglien, Dennis Shaffer, Dylan DeYoung, and Kevin Pegg.

Heat B: Duane Lacy, Shayne Huson, Devin Matthews, Jeff Bracale, Josh McMillan, Tina McMillan, and Tabitha Bracale.

Main: Grant Charneski, Jon Baglien, Shayne Huson, Jeff Bracale, Jack Allen, Kevin Conway, Tina McMillan, Kevin Pegg, Scott Maynard, Dylan DeYoung, Kyle Matthews, Devin Matthews, Dennis Shaffer, Tabitha Bracale, Duane Lacy, and Josh McMillan.


Hinkle Homes Hobby Stocks


Fast Time: Dave Knittle 16.208

Heat A: Kyle Matthews, Joe Swanson, Dave Knittle, Charles Meadors, Todd Pederson, Kelly Foster, Gary McKay, and Josh Wheeler.

Main: Dave Knittle, Todd Pederson, Kyle Matthews, Josh Wheeler, Charles Meadors, and Joe Swanson.  


Baby Grands


Fast Time: Jim Guinn 15.456

Heat A: Jim Guinn, Bryan Crawford, Brad Crawford, Curt Boyle, Brad McCutcheon, Jay Geier, and Mike Crawford.

Main: Jim Guinn, Mike Crawford , Curt Boyle, Jay Geier, Bryan Crawford, Brad Crawford, and Brad McCutcheon.


Stinger 8


Heat A: Steve Pierson, Dennis LaLander, Ryan Snow, Jason Lohmann, Zach Dalrymple, Chris Branon, and Zach Floreck.

Main: Steve Pierson, Chris Branon, Ryan Snow, Jason Lohmann, Zach Floreck, Zach Dalrymple, and Dennis LaLander.


Vintage Modified Racing Association


Fast Time: Mike Clother 15.347

Heat A: Bobby Wheeler, Paul Fields, Mike Clother, Kyten Jones, and Charlie West Jr.

Heat B: Chuck Petersen, Robert Rux, Don Huntley, Dave Trapp, and John Mustered.

Main: Paul Fields, Bobby Wheeler, Mike Clother, Robert Rux, John Musterred, Dave Trapp, Don Huntley, Kyten Jones, Chuck Petersen, and Charlie West Jr.