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05/04/13 story

First Race of 2013 Season, had J.J. Hamilton, Anthony Barbera, Parker Stephens, and John Grosvenor winning Main events.

Story by: Nancy Schmidt


Racing at South Sound Speedway on Saturday May 4, 2013, was full of excitement with four classes on hand, Olympic Trailer and Truck Accessories Super Late Models, Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks, Lexar Homes Legends, and Super 4’s.


Super Late Mode Main event started with Rod Schultz SR. on the pole and Mike Obrist on the outside. Schultz Sr. takes the lead on Lap 1. On lap 2, turn 4, M. Obrist spins Schultz Sr., both drivers sent to the back of the pack, giving J.J. Hamilton the lead.  Also on lap 2, Tim Minister catches on fire in turn 4, bringing out a Red flag. On lap 5, turn 4, Dave Clarke spins and Scott Rinkel stops to avoid. On lap 37, turn 4, Kurt Meyer and Dan Obrist spin, sending both to the back of the pack. On lap 40, turn 1, Bob Presley spins. On lap 50, turn 4, Presley spins again hitting the wall. On lap 64, turn 2, Christopher Kalsch and Rob Dees spin. Racing continues and Hamilton goes on to win the 100 lap Super Late Model Main event, followed by Schultz Jr., Schultz Sr., M. Obrist and Kurt Meyer to round out the top five.   


Street Stock Main event started with Robert Foster on the pole and Arnold Norton on the outside.  Norton takes the lead on lap 1. On lap 5, Richard Kerr takes over the lead. On lap 7, Anthony Barbera takes over the lead. On lap 16, Kerr has a problem and exits the track, returning on lap 23. Barbera goes on to win the 35 lap Street Stock Main event, followed by Bryan Bykerk, Shawn Jones, Dan Walker and Cody Erskine to round out the top 5.  Walker sets a new track record at 14.844.


Legend Main event started with 13-yr old Kyle Kinzebach on the pole and Duane Swanson on the outside. Swanson takes the lead on lap 1. On lap 9, Parker Stephens takes over the lead. On lap 13, Mark Gamble and Renny Marose get lapped. On lap 19, Kinzebach and Tristan Haider get lapped. On lap 24, Marose exits the race, returning on lap 33. On lap 35, Joe Martin gets lapped. On lap 36, Jeremy Sabin gets lapped. Stephens goes on to win the 40 lap Legend Main event, followed by Randy Beddow, Randy Schaaf, Brent Mack, and Duane Swanson to round out the top 5.


Super 4 Main event started with Stan Straker on the pole and Seth Cooper on the outside. Cooper spins in turn 1 and 2, complete restart. Cooper takes the lead on lap 1. Scott Graf takes the lead on lap 5. John Grosvenor takes the lead on lap 12. On lap 17, Straker loses power in turn 1, coasting to back stretch. On lap 18, turn 4, Cooper hits wall and saves it. J. Grosvenor goes on to win the 25 lap Super 4 Main event, followed by Graf, Max Schroeder, Cooper, and Ron Grosvenor to round out the top 5.